Transparent Armoring Materials

Bagging Films

Vacuum bagging is a technique employed to create mechanical pressure on a laminate. Pressurizing a composite lamination serves several functions.

First, it removes trapped air between layers. Second, it compacts the layers. Third, it reduces humidity. Finally, and most importantly, the vacuum bagging technique optimizes the glass-polycarbonate ratio in the composite part.

These advantages have for years enabled glass lamination industries to maximize the physical properties of bulletproof glass.

KM 1300 Most soft nylon
STRETCHLON 200 Enlargement 500
STRETCHLON 700 Enlargement 500
ECONOLON Low cost nylon
WL5400 Heavy work ECONOLON version
WL7400 High temperature nylon
RELEASE BAG 125 Vacuum bag/ liberation
BRUSHBAG Rubber and silicone bag
Some of these bags come in tubes, sheets, and folding center
Vacuum Bags Ref. Available size
WL7400 SHT .005″x 84″ x 500′ | .005″x 71″ x 500′ | .005″x 67″ x 500′
BF WL 5400 LFT .003″x 54″ x 750′ | .003″x 48″ x 750′ | .002″x 60″ x 1000′