Police Equipment

Less Lethal 37-38-40mm


We manufacture cartridges for riots in various versions. Our cartridge G-CTG-3P, is a pyrotechnic cartridges caliber 38 with triple discharge CS gas.

These cartridges allow the dispersion of gas in 3 projectiles that discharge each CS smoke.

It is an anti disturbance cartridge that when properly used, temporarily incapacitating and causes a strong irritation and tearing without producing permanent damage and dispersing the riots.


Model G-CTG-3P
Type Triple / gas CS
Height 123 +/- 2mm
Diameter Body 38mm
Diameter Base 39.25mm
Diameter Tab 42.8mm
Thickness Tab 3.5mm
Chemical Loading CS
Radius 8mm
Discharge Time 25 sec each
Delay 1-3 sec
Percussion Fulminant
Discharge Continuos
Range 75m
Material Aluminum
Weight 194gr +/- 5gr
Weight load CS 80gr +/- 20gr