Transparent Armoring Materials


Autoclave Hose, strong and flexible inner coil to avoid collapse in a vacuum.

Work withstands temperatures to 275° F (135° C) and is ready for use with 1/4″ NPT male thread with fittings on each end.

Model Diameters Material Color Thread Temperature Large Max. Pres.
59R 3/8″ int. 3/4″ ext. High resistance rubber White 1/4″ NPT Until 275°F(135°C) 3-3.30ft/0.92-9.2m N/A.
65R 3/8″ int. 3/4″ ext. Silicone rubber White-green 1/4″ NPT Until 450°F(232°C) 3-3.30ft/0.92-9.2m 130 psi (9 Bar)