Police Equipment

Less Lethal Caliber 0.68


Our less lethal rifle model LL-M4-G1 is ideal for direct confrontations in riots.

Shoots less lethal ammo caliber 0.68. Its similarity to an M4 type rifle facilitates standardization with a real rifle.


Caliber 0.68 less lethal
Barrel Smooth 292mm
Length 219-851mm retracted or extended
Height 260mm
Weight 2.78Kg
Source 13″ cubic air (3000psi)
power Supply Superior magazine or cartridges holder
Muzzle velocity 285-350feet/sec
Range 20-25m
Magazine Capacity 19 rounds
Cartridge Capacity 25-50 rounds
Action Semi automatic open bolt
Sights Collapsible
Butt Retractable of 5 positions
Front Handle Vertical
Tank 13 ci